Qantas has released a beautiful new series of videos showcasing its employees. I think these clips capture servant leadership even better than the airline’s last series. These are some of my favourite quotes from the ‘Flying Kangaroo’s’ staff that could just as easily apply to teaching:

– “Go hard, or go home”, “We’re going to get this job done” and “Look forward to the next one” (Baggage Handler George Fountoulakis);

– “It’s a human journey every time, and that’s why it’s so special” (A330 captain Egon Mahr);

– “I always hold myself accountable for the work that I do. Would I be comfortable with my friends and family flying on that aircraft [or being in my classroom]? And the answer is yes, every time” (Engineer Rachel Bacon); and

– “It’s all about the people. Everyone has different needs” and “At the end of the day, it’s all about the customer, and their needs, and making sure they’re happy” (Lounge Host Jennifer Catalano).