creativity_insights_from_bafta_guru(Above: a screenshot from the BAFTA Guru web-page)

In a recent book chapter, I outlined tips for enhancing creativity drawn from comments made by some of “the finest minds working in the film, TV and games industries” featured in BAFTA’s Guru initiative. These professionals included production designers, actors and screenwriters (like Julie Walters, John Stevenson, Keira Knightley and Reece Shearsmith).

So, what were some of the creative tips that I synthesised from these brilliant brains?

They included:

– Honing personal qualities like self-confidence and trust in one’s instincts
– Learning to recognise when to be spontaneous and when to prepare thoroughly
– Breaking rules and deliberately undertaking new challenges
– Recognising when to use external stimuli and when to look inward for inspiration (potentially through isolation)
– Developing skills like listening and empathising (in recognising that creativity is often collaborative)
– Giving fellow collaborators freedom, but also challenging them in supportive ways

[Post updated 28/09/16]