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Tara Brabazon’s new edited book Play, which I recently reviewed, has some terrific insights about teaching and learning. Here are just a few of my favourite quotes:

– “Teachers, one could easily state a case for, are the ultimate designers – every day they orchestrate the environment to optimize candidate learning, to create conditions for inquiring, collaborating, questioning, and playing.” (From Linda Charko, Cameron Fraser, Don Jones, and Umar Keoni Umangay’s chapter).

– “[I]t is in everyone’s interest to help teachers find joy in their work. So teachers must strive in whatever ways they can to own their teaching so that each morning they can enter their classrooms knowing there will be golden opportunities for them – as well as for their students – to experience the joy in school.” (From Steven Wolk’s Joy in School, quoted by the authors listed above)

– Today’s new orientation to knowledge “moves away from understandings of knowledge as fixed, stable and something that exists ‘out there’ waiting to be discovered. Instead knowledge now needs to be configured as ‘networked expertise,’ generated and created in collaborative spaces not in individual heads. As such, knowledge becomes active, a verb, something we do rather than something we have.” (From Jae Major and Alison Ayrton’s chapter)

– “Becoming a teacher is a dream for many and a privilege for a few. Educating the next generation is an occupation of profound significance” and “While our senses are drawn to the familiar, the role of teaching and learning is to stretch our perspective and perception.” (From two of Tara Brabazon’s chapters)